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Remove Rings on Marble Counter in 3 Simple Steps


Etches diminish the natural beauty of your marble, but treating etch marks is a craft! At Marble Rescue, we’ve made learning the craft easy with our do-it-yourself stone care solutions. Learn how to remove rings on marble counter in 3 simple steps using the Marble Refinishing Kit.

Marble Rings
Image of rings on marble counter

The Marble Refinishing Kit

The Marble Refinishing Kit repairs marble etching and restores the look of your polished marble surfaces. The kit comes with everything you need to:

  • Remove rings on marble counter
  • Remove watermarks
  • Repair small scratches
  • Polish and make your marble look beautiful again
  • Restore the look of your marble surface for a fraction of the cost to replace them

With just a few sheets of paper towel, a cup of water and about 5 minutes of labour you can remove rings on marble counter and restore the look of your marble to its natural beauty!

Marble Refinishing Kit
Remove rings on marble counter with Marble Refinishing Kit

Kit contents:

  • Specially-formulated marble polishing paste
  • White ultra-fine refinishing pad
  • Grey ultra-fine sanding pad
  • Pad holder
  • Wooden stir stick

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: Before attempting any treatments on your marble counter make sure the etch is not a stain. This is an important distinction as etches and stains get treated differently on marble surfaces. Learn more here.

Remove rings on marble counter
Marble Refinishing Kit 3-step process

3 Steps to Remove Rings on Marble Counter

1. Clean

If your marble is etched (not stained) then the first thing to do is clean the marble counter before treating it to remove any dust, crumbs or debris from the marble surface.

Make sure to use a specially-formulated cleaning spray for natural stones, as some household cleaners can make the problem worse and cause further etching. Learn more about the common causes of marble etching here.

Our Stone Countertop Spray cleans, polishes and protects all-in-one, and is safe to use on all natural stone surfaces: Granite, Limestone, and more. 

2. Scrub

Grab the grey ultra-fine sanding pad and attach it to the yellow pad holder in your Marble Refinishing Kit. Wet the nylon pad with water then scrub the affected area by applying moderate pressure in a circular motion (50 to 100 circles). Ensure to sand 0.5″ or 1 cm beyond the etched area.  

Clean the affected area with a sponge and dry it with a paper towel. Check the area: is it still completely dull? If there is still etching, repeat this step.

3. Polish

Wet the area with a sponge again. Attach the white polishing pad to the pad holder this time. Apply 1/2 tsp of polish paste per 16″ (4″ x 4″), and dilute the paste in water with wooden stir stick. Leave the small polishing rocks in the water. 

Polish the area by applying high pressure in a circular motion (50 to 100 circles). Polish 1-2 cm beyond the sanded area. Clean the area with a sponge, spray some Stone Countertop Spray and dry it with a paper towel. Check the area is smooth and shiny. If necessary, repeat this step.

Voila, those marble rings are gone!

Before and After
Before and After using the Marble Refinishing Kit.

Still, Noticing Some Marble Etching?

Some etch marks are stubborn. If you still notice some etching, try repeating these steps again. Apply a little more pressure using two hands in a circular motion. When there is no improvement in the appearance of the marble etching, it’s possible it could be a stain or the etch mark may be too deep for DIY applications. Make sure to clean more regularly in the days following treatment.

If the problem continues, then it might be time to call the experts!

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