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Marble Refinishing Kit

Remove stubborn ring marks from your marble surfaces with the DIY Marble Refinishing Kit.



About The Marble Refinishing Kit

Marble looks beautiful just about everywhere you put it. Unfortunately, after some wear and tear, you can start to notice rings or watermarks on your marble surfaces. Marble etching significantly reduces the appearance of your marble, in certain lights and from certain angles these markings can be very visible. Luckily, there’s a solution!

before after

The Marble Refinishing Kit helps to remove etching, watermarks, dullness and even small scratches from your marble surfaces while restoring the natural stone to its original polished look.

The Marble Refinishing Kit will:

  • Remove etch marks on polished marble or limestone surfaces
  • It will not work on granite surfaces

How It Works:

This do-it-yourself stone care solution comes with everything you need to remove marble etching and restore the look of your polished marble surfaces in a simple 3-step process. With some paper towel, a cup of water and about 5 minutes of labour you can reverse those kitchen mishaps!

Remove rings on marble counter


Kit Contents:

  • Specially formulated marble polishing paste
  • Two white nylon pads for polishing
  • Two grey nylon sanding pads for scratches and tougher markings
  • Yellow pad holder
  • Wooden stir stick

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 6 × 3 cm
Use this Product On

Marble, Limestone, Counter Tops, Floors, Walls

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