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Marble Etch vs Stain: Simple Way to Tell The Difference

Marble etch vs stain

Marble is strong, yet sensitive. Before attempting any treatments on your marble counter make sure the etch is not a stain. Marble etch vs stain get treated differently. In this blog post, learn: How to tell the difference between a marble etch vs stain What causes marble etching and stains How to treat them differently Lighter […]

Remove Rings on Marble Counter in 3 Simple Steps

before after

Etches diminish the natural beauty of your marble, but treating etch marks is a craft! At Marble Rescue, we’ve made learning the craft easy with our do-it-yourself stone care solutions. Learn how to remove rings on marble counter in 3 simple steps using the Marble Refinishing Kit. The Marble Refinishing Kit The Marble Refinishing Kit repairs […]

Why Are There Rings on Marble Countertop?

Rings on marble countertop

Marble is elegant, yet delicate. After some wear and tear, you may start to notice rings on marble countertop. In this blog post we’ll explore: What is marble etching What causes it How to remove and prevent etching What is marble etching? These rings on marble countertop are called etches and are a common problem […]